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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Deerfield Beach, FL

Carpet features unmatched quality and comfort, which is why it continues to be a top choice in flooring among our residential and commercial clients.


Medallion Carpet One & Paint is your locally owned carpet store. Whether you need a new carpet, a professional carpet installation, or other services, you can turn to our flooring professionals for quality work and products. We can help you find the best carpet for your home or business, and we offer flooring options for every budget, lifestyle, and design need.



We even have waterproof carpet collections for basements and pet owners. Visit our showroom location in Deerfield Beach, FL, to see our entire collection of carpeting, or browse our carpets online.



Why Shop Carpet with Us?


Want the best carpet in Deerfield Beach? We make it easy to make your carpet match.



Our Select-A-Floor system is designed to narrow down your carpet selection based on your lifestyle, personal style, and the warranty level you want. Our carpet selection covers a wide range of options like being pet-proof, child-friendly, resistant to wear caused by traffic, and allergy-friendly.




What Types of Carpet There?


Carpets are made from fibers that are either synthetic or natural, and those fibers are twisted into piles.



  • Frieze carpet is a soft rug with longer, fuzzier fibers. Choose frieze in spaces where comfort is your main mission.
  • Loop carpet is a great pick for spaces where you need a smooth overall surface, like stairs.  
  • Cut pile carpet tends to be much thicker, with a very soft texture.
  • Textured carpet has a rougher feel, with subtle patterns that conceal dirt and footprints.



Synthetic carpet fibers include nylon, polyester, triexta, and olefin. Synthetic options like nylon carpets are incredibly durable and soft. Natural choices like wool carpets have their own special benefits. For instance, wool is flame-resistant, crush-resistant, and insulating.



Piles are the fibers twisted up, which play a role in the style and function of your carpet. For example, low pile carpets are easier to clean because dirt, debris, and pet fur can’t move as deeply into the carpet’s surface. There are also cut piles, loop piles, and even cut and loop piles.




  • Nylon carpet is woven out of synthetic fibers that are exceptionally soft and sturdy. Nylon pile is typically treated with a clean coating that is very good at keeping stains at bay, making this type of rug a wonderful option for commercial, as well as residential settings.


  • Polyester carpet is also synthetic, and its texture is like nylon. An affordable alternative to the former, polyester carpeting was once considered inferior in terms of stain-resistance. However, recent manufacturing advances have changed this for the better.


  • Triexta carpet is a synthetic that’s considered one of the industry’s toughest on wear, stains, and foot traffic. This rougher-textured carpeting boasts subtle patterns that conceal everyday damages, hiding dust and debris.


  • Olefin/polypropylene carpet is woven from some of the world’s softest synthetic fibers. Olefin rugs are luxurious to touch and behold and boast intricate patterns. Made more for fashion, not function, this type of carpeting isn’t recommended for busy areas.


  • Wool carpet is woven from natural sheep fibers. An earth-friendly alternative to synthetic pile, wool is prized for its resilience, its ability to retain color, and its resistance to everyday dirt, mildew, and mold.





Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet is cozy, inviting, and adds noise absorption to make your room quieter.



It also is a great insulator, helping to keep your room at a comfortable temperature. Carpet flooring is a top choice for kid-friendly homes because it provides a soft, cushioned surface for toddlers and babies to play on.



Contrary to popular belief, carpet is a smart solution for those who suffer from allergies because the fibers can keep dust and dirt on the surface so it does not reach the breathing-zone and can be easily vacuumed up. Durable carpet options that are made to handle a lot of activity can be installed in children’s playrooms, on staircases, and in hallways.



Other rooms that benefit from having carpets installed include bedrooms and living rooms. Carpet is made to be durable and handle most challenges thrown its way. Today’s carpet technology is also incredibly resistant to staining, wear, and fading.



We also have commercial carpet and carpet tiles for business settings.




Should I Install My Own Carpet?


No, most likely you shouldn’t even attempt it.



Carpet installation can be complicated: more complicated than you probably think. It’s a precise and difficult job that requires perfection and attention to detail.



Our professional flooring installation team has you and your room covered in carpet. We can help you get set up for success, from choosing the right carpet padding to proper selection and situation.




Shop for Carpet Near You in Deerfield Beach, Florida


At Medallion Carpet One & Paint, we are proud to be your neighborhood experts when it comes to carpet. We offer the best carpet brands, and were card-carrying members of the largest flooring co-op in North America, our membership means we can stay locally-owned and operated, while also having more buying power. 



That means we can negotiate better flooring deals with suppliers and bring you lower carpet prices. That way, you get to shop local with a business that cares and find the best carpet prices in the area.



Want to learn more? Call us or visit us today to plan your carpet installation.

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