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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


The beauty and functionality of area rugs can make a tremendous difference in the look, feel, comfort and functionality of your home environment. There are so many incredible designs to choose from whether you are searching for an area rug inspired by designs used in antique Serapi carpets woven in 19th century Persian workshops, or something much more modern. For example, you might be open to considering an unusual pattern that compliments the multiple textures and colors of your furniture, walls, and decor.


There are many design and practical advantages to enhancing your home by adding the functionality and comfort of area rugs into your living room, den, or home office layouts.


Design With Flair

Depending upon your personal decorating tastes and preferences, there's always the option of adding or re-purposing an area rug as an impressive wall hanging. In fact, this design trend has been popular with photo stylists and professional decorators for many years.


After viewing some amazing examples of their work, it's very easy to understand why stylists have adopted this design trend. With the right combination of style, color, lighting, and texture the effect can be stunning since it gives the room and wall extra depth and warmth. In cases where a particular room in a home has many large walls painted with flat colors, these beautiful wall hangings serve as an alternative to art and help to tastefully break up this type of large space.


With home, there are many responsibilities to consider such as heating and utility bills that are high on the list. In addition to proper wall insulation, installing, and/or repairing relatively costly double pane insulated windows, area rugs not only add comfort and beauty, they help mitigate heat loss.


Don't Forget The Little Ones

The mitigation of heat loss is also a great advantage in children's rooms for health reasons. Additionally, we know that children love to play on the floor because it gives them so much more space for fun and adventure. 


So, adding a bit of warmth, color and fun to their toy and collectible adventures is sure to please. There are even adventuresome and playful area rugs specifically designed for children. This makes it a wonderful addition to their bedroom or play room that they can relate to and call their own. For kids, it's another way to say, "We love you!"

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