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Interior Boat Flooring Options 

At Medallion Carpet One & Paint we know our customers are flooring more than just their homes. Being located in a beach town means we work on both rental properties and even yachts. It’s not a very common thing, but yachts need flooring too. Although you usually get the flooring with the yacht, you eventually need to replace it. We have the flooring experts and the products you need to floor your luxury yacht.



Types of Yacht Flooring

Hardwood flooring in yachts adds a classy elegance to an already luxurious space. They are pretty simple to maintain and offer long-lasting durability. You can have them installed in a formal dining room, bridge, salon, as well as even guest rooms. It also adds a warm and elegant feel when used as a border. Teak wood is a popular option because of its unique look and rich color.




Best Boat Flooring

You can also install carpeting in yachts. You usually see them in staterooms, salons, as well as staircases and corridors. Carpets in yachts have an insulating effect, reducing noise from the engine, and they can also filter pollutants from below deck. There are many choices of high end carpets to choose from, coming in multiple patterns and colors.


If you own a yacht, you’re probably not too concerned about looking for a budget friendly flooring option. You may though, be looking for an alternative to hardwood that is resilient. Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for your yacht. You can still get the same high end look as a hardwood floor but the durability of a luxury vinyl product.


Be sure to stop by our Medallion Carpet One & Paint showroom in Deerfield Beach, FL and speak with one of our flooring professionals about replacing the flooring in your yacht. 

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