Types Of Carpet

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Types of Carpet

How lucky we are to live in an age where we have an amazing assortment of carpet and carpet flooring to choose from. Different colors, patterns and textures - the choice is almost limitless! Let's take a look at the three most popular carpet options, loop pile, combination pile, and cut pile, and discuss a few of their unique features.

Cut pile carpet flooring:

  • Cable - This beautiful carpet is luxurious and comfortable, and is made of longer, thicker yarns than other carpets
  • Frieze - The yarn used in frieze carpeting has a tighter "twist", meaning that the yarn curls over, producing a durable product which camouflages footprints and other signs of use
  • Saxony - Beautiful thick, soft carpet, also called plush. It shows vacuum lines and footprints, and is perhaps better to use in a low traffic area. If you love the feel of Saxony but want it to be trackless, try a textured Saxony
  • Velvet - Who doesn't love velvet? Soft to the touch and extremely dense, this carpet can last a lifetime. It hides dirt well, and is one of the most expensive options of carpet flooring
  • Shag - Shag has a deep pile and tends to mat regularly because of the long yarn length. Extremely popular during the 70s, this carpet has seen a comeback in recent years

Loop pile carpet:

  • Level loop - Usually made from nylon or olefin fibers that are looped at an even height because they're looped into the backing. Great for high traffic regions, and very popular in commercial settings
  • Multi-loop pile - Constructed of low and high loops that give a more textured appearance to your rug

Combination pile carpeting:

  • Tip shear - Combines uncut and cut tips to give a textured appearance to your carpet. Similar as the random shear but its texture is not as noticeable
  • Random shear - A luxurious carpet utilizing cut and uncut loops with different heights
  • Level and cut loop pile - All yarn loops are the same height. Durable and popular in commercial settings

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