Backsplash Tile

Information on an incredibly durable product.

Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tile, the name is self-explanatory, but while to some it denotes practicality, to others it means an opportunity to customize their kitchens. It all depends on how you look at it. What was originally intended to serve as a protective barrier between the wall and cooking splatter, counter spills, and splashed water has morphed into a way to impart a focal point to a kitchen.  Installing tile is not only a way to break up the linear arrangement of cabinets, it's a stylish and efficient way to combat the moisture and mold problem endemic to kitchens and bathrooms. And for those on a budget, it's also an extremely simple step you can take to transform your kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps most practical of all, installing backsplash tile not only makes a style statement, it's a wise investment that adds lasting value to your home.

Where to Begin?

Whether you're planning an entire kitchen renovation or just looking for a way to jazz up the look, you have an infinite number of choices when it comes to material, color, pattern, texture, size and degree of upkeep. From the simplicity of subway tiles to the intricacy of mosaics, it's yours for the choosing. 

  • Subway tile proves white need not be boring. Pair it with oversized industrial-design fixtures and gourmet appliances and it imparts a look of a professional kitchen.
  • If you have a marble countertop, choosing marble tiles to complement it is an excellent way to suggest a timeless design. You'll want to look for tiles with a similar shade and pattern of grey veins, as those found in the countertop, but occurring in a somewhat smaller pattern. 
  • Whether you have a summer beach home, or just love the beach, choosing tiles of sea green glass add an aura of sun, sand, and sea to your home, even if it's in a city high rise.
  • If your countertop is a granite one, you might want to consider mosaic tiles as an opulent contrast. Take a look at the other colors in your kitchen, then look for a mosaic design that will pull them all together. 

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