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Hardwood Guide

Hardwood flooring is one of the traditional flooring options for many homes. Its natural beauty combined with durability is what makes hardwood so popular. Hardwood is known to look beautiful whether it is brand new or 100 years old. Not only that but it holds its value as well as adds value to your home.

You should look at hardwood as an investment into your home. Its cost may be a factor, but this long lasting and durable flooring option makes your home more functional. Hardwood is easy to clean, but does require regular maintenance to stay looking beautiful. There are several different styles, patterns, and species to select from. Hardwood’s design possibilities are expanding and now you can choose multi-length and multi-width planks to give your floors more dimension. Depending on the type of hardwood you choose can impact how it’ll preform in your home.

Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

When choosing a hardwood floor you have two options: solid or engineered. Solid hardwood is look at as the original hardwood. They are about ¾” thick, and can be refinished multiple times to ensure their longevity. You can install solid hardwood in rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms, or areas with low traffic. An engineered hardwood floor is made of multiple real wood veneers and the grains are running in different directions in order to increase the stability of the plank. They are sturdy enough to be installed on all levels of your home. The only drawback is they can only be refinished once or twice unlike solid hardwood.

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Our Hardwood Selection

When it comes to hardwood flooring, we at Medallion Carpet One & Paint carry the highest quality and the best brands. You can shop from name brands as well as our Carpet One exclusives such as Hanover Hills and Rustic River. You can confidently shop with us knowing you’ll find a quality floor at an exceptional value.

We serve Deerfield Beach and surrounding areas.

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Best Hardwood

Our flooring professionals can help you choose the perfect hardwood flooring for your next project. Just give us the details of your home and personal style, and we can work together to help you find the best fit.

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Hardwood Warranties

Your new hardwood floor is only as good as its warranty. Make sure you choose the right hardwood floor with a warranty that matches the needs of you and your home.

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Hardwood Maintenance

Cleaning your hardwood is simple. Regularly maintaining your hardwood floors can keep them looking newer for longer and maintain their natural life span.

How Do I Care for Hardwood?
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Solid Vs. Engineered Hardwood

If you’re shopping for hardwood flooring, did you know that there two different options to consider? Learn the distinctions of solid and engineered hardwood, and make an informed decision. 

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